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Overmind Paranormal

Russell/Adair Co.Ky &surrounding areas

Site has been updated.Evp's have been added.

Member of The Ghost Adventures Crew.

 This is the website for Overmind Paranormal.Russell/Adair County Ky.

We may not always update this site but we are always here for you.Day or night.

What is paranormal?

What are ghosts?

What are spirits?

What is the difference?

Is there really life after death?

These are the answers we seek.

We are not Ghost Hunters.We are Paranormal Investigators.

We never charge for services/investigations.

We do not use ouija boards or hold seances.

Everything is as confidential as you choose.We have done several private home investigations as well as public places not listed on here. Due to confidentiality we have not published any evidence we may or may not have collected from them.Photos/Evidence is only added to the website with permission.

Contact us here.Or at [email protected]

Or at 270-585-8670 or 270-585-7204

We are a very small group and are actively looking for a few new members.If interested email us.

As always all pictures/video on this website are subject to interpretation.We are not in anyway implying there is anything paranormal within any of our pictures.

EVP from Soules Chapel Cemetery

Poasttown Elem.School Evp

Prospect Place Bad Room Video

Old South Pittsburgh Hospital in Tn-3rd Floor

Wheatlands Plantation-Servants Quarters EVP

Recent Photos

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